Customer Testimonials

  • Dear Seumas, I wanted to let you know how delighted I was by the young men you sent to do the insulating at Two Rivers Retreat.

    Wes and Daniel were hard working, courteous and respectful. I was pleased with the outcome, and I look forward to doing the finish work. This coming weekend I can show the insulation to some other owners and possibly get you some referrals.
    Trish Roberson
    Two Rivers Retreat
  • Would highly recommend Go Green. Seumas was fantastic to deal with and did what he said he was going to do. Price was comparable to others in the area. Honest, reliable company- a plus in my book.
  • Both fellows you sent out were very professional, knowledgeable and highly motivated to get it done in the minimum amount of time. You’re quite lucky to have such great guys working for you!
  • I am pleased beyond expectations with the warmth of the floor now. It just strikes me as a wonderful happenstance that I stumbled upon your business.
    Terri Koehler
  • The estimator came out to my home and climbed in to the attic. He was up there quite a while. After he came down, he told me what he had seen. I had more issues with my heating system than I had known about. He gave me the estimate for the attic insulation and the options to have everything else fixed. I gave the go ahead. The employees who came were well dressed and clean. They were respectful and did their jobs. They vacuumed out the old insulation, sealed any air gaps or cracks, removed the dead bird and fixed my existing attic fan that wasn’t working properly. They installed a new solar attic fan to assist the existing fan, repaired my unattached bathroom fan and the unattached kitchen vent. They sealed any gaps they found in my ducting and then filled my attic with 20 inches of ecofriendly insulation. I couldn’t wait to get my power bill. A month later the bill arrived. It was less than half. I am thrilled with the change to my bill. This is an ongoing payback for the cost of the insulation. These guys did AWESOME!! The estimator was absolutely right about what needed to be fixed. I had 6 other companies come out and nobody was as thorough. I can’t wait for next year so I can have Go Green Insulation come out and re-insulate my walls. I would recommend them to anyone.