Tank Removal and Abatement Solutions

Do you have an existing underground heating oil/fuel tank?

Don’t dig it up…FOAM IT!

Go Green Insulation Tank Abatement Foam is an inert, lightweight, pre-expanded foam designed for permanently closing-in-place existing underground oil/fuel storage tanks and pipes. Go Green Insulation Tank Abatement Foam is an environmentally safe water based polymer foam. Since the foam is pre-expanded, there is no danger of doing irreparable harm to the tank.

Go Green Insulation Tank Abatement Foam is an excellent alternative to conventional materials such as sand, gravel and concrete because it is a lightweight foam that is easy and inexpensive to install.

Advantages of using Go Green Tank Abatement Foam:

  • Much cheaper than removing/digging up the existing tank
  • Non-invasive, doesn’t require excavation or heavy equipment to tear up your lawn/landscape
  • Easy access to hard to reach areas. Our hoses can access tanks over 200 feet away.
  • Fast install usually with a couple hours
  • Foam is pH neutral and non-corrosive to steel, aluminum and copper.
  • High oil/fuel absorbing properties at a rate of 40 times its own weight. If the slightest amount of oil is left in the tank the foam will absorb it up!
  • Foam has been used for over 30 years to abate oil tanks

Tank Abatement Steps:

  1. Any remaining oil and sludge are removed from the tank.
  2. Go Green Tank Foam is injected through the oil tank fill pipe
  3. Go Green Tank Foam will conform to the shape of the tank and fills all the voids.
  4. The soil over the fill pipe/access hole is replaced and the landscape is restored if disturbed.