Concrete Ditch Foam Solutions

Concrete Irrigation Boise, Idaho and Ontario, Oregon

Concrete ditches are strong but face the elements on a daily basis. After some time, all ditches begin to show signs of degradation like cracking and rolling. Rather than replacing the damaged sections with new concrete, we provide an innovative solution that brings longevity and fortification to concrete ditches. Our specially formulated concrete ditch sealing spray foam system will add years of life (usually 10+ years) to your existing concrete ditches.


Due to its properties, our concrete ditch spray foam offers a variety of applications when it comes to repairing concrete ditches. Whether you need cracks filled or additional support for leveling and void filling, you can trust in our foam to do the job. Our concrete ditch foam will:

  • Seal Joints
  • Seal Cracks
  • Fill Voids
  • Fill/replace missing or damaged pieces of concrete
  • Raise the top edge of the ditch (keeps water from spilling over the edge)

Benefits of Ditch Foam

Our ditch repair spray foam solution is an affordable option that beats the competition by miles. Not only is our foam system a more affordable option for ditch repair than new concrete, its fast dry time allows the ditch to be used immediately. You don’t have to wait days/weeks for new concrete to dry.

Our ditch foam is also environmentally friendly, the natural proponents of the spray foam don’t react with water which means there is no alteration of the irrigation water. We have a variety of different foam types that offer certain advantages based on your ditch situation. If you’re looking for a cost- effective solution for ditch repair that will work wonders, look no further!

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