Preparing Homes for Summer Heat

Caulking Windows ID & OR, Proper Insulation ID & OR

As the summer months approach, residents in the Northwest face the challenge of keeping their homes cool amid increasing temperatures. Proper insulation is key to maintaining a comfortable indoor environment without relying excessively on air conditioning. This article provides insights on how to effectively insulate homes to keep cool during the hot summer months, specifically […]

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sympler June 1, 2024

Spring Energy Savings in Idaho and Oregon

Attic Insulation ID & OR

As spring approaches in Idaho and Oregon, homeowners can seize the opportunity to enhance their home insulation and achieve significant energy savings. This article focuses on the unique climate challenges of these states, offers tips on improving insulation, and discusses the types of insulation best suited for the regional climate. Additionally, it explores the environmental […]

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sympler May 1, 2024

Enhancing Home Efficiency for Earth Day

Spray Foam Insulation ID, OR

As Earth Day approaches, it is an opportune time to explore how improving home insulation can significantly enhance energy efficiency and contribute to eco-friendly living. This article delves into the benefits of insulation upgrades, the various types of eco-friendly insulation materials available, cost-effective strategies for insulation, and the long-term impacts of improved insulation on both […]

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sympler April 1, 2024